Interview With Arturo aka Sabin

Here’s a “swapcast” with friend, tournament organizer and pro gamer Arturo, aka Sabin.  We streamed this live on Art’s Twitch channel and I’m also featuring it here, as we think both of our audiences would enjoy us nerding out over lag, capture and just other fun randomness.  There were some connection issues, but I think […]

240p Test Suite Dreamcast Version Update

There’s now a new version of the Dreamcast 240p test suite, with a bunch of notable additions, such as the monoscope pattern, an Audio Sync Test for streamers/content creators, a controller test and MDFourier analysis.   As always, the 240p Test Suite is an essential tool for many people and the addition of these tests will […]

Remute’s ‘Unity’ Game Boy Advance Album up for Pre-Order

Remute has launched pre-order for his latest album Unity. The album will be availlably digitally through Bandcamp, on a Game Boy Advance cartridge and 7″ vinyl record, with scheduled release on August 5th 2022. Bandcamp: The GBA cartrdige can be played on original hardware like Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Micro, Nintendo DS and […]

Dreamcast 240p Test Suite Disc Pre-Orders

Video Games New York has just opened pre-orders for the Dreamcast version of the 240p Test Suite.  This is functionally the same as the freely available download, but released on a professionally-made MIL-CD, including artwork by Jose Salot.  The price is $25 plus shipping and expected to arrive at customers in Q3 of this year: […]

MVS in an AES-Style Shell

There’s a new Neo Geo MVS kit from the Time Harvest store, that puts a Neo Geo MV1B (arcade) motherboard in a case that looks just like an AES home console.  It has a ton of video output options that perform okay, but there’s definitely room for improvement.  Overall, if you’re looking for a way […]

Marble Madness II Found And Dumped

The unreleased sequel to the 1984 arcade game Marble Madness has recently been found and dumped.  MAME dev David Haywood was able to get it working in MAME and released the driver needed to allow anyone to try it out.  If you’re just looking to see what the game is like, check out David’s footage […]

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