NES Core for the Super HD System 3 Released

Terraonion has just released the open source NES core that allows you to run NES games on their Super HD System 3 adapter.  This is based off the open source FPGANES core and while it runs well, it’s still considered a work in progress.  To install this core, simply copy the contents of the “SHSD3_NES/tree/master/SYS/NES” […]

Retro Fighters Announces A GameCube Pad… Again!

For the second time in as many months, Retro Fighters is going back to the GameCube well with the BattlerGC: a wireless GameCube controller that is identical to the BladeGC (which we covered here on RetroRGB a few weeks ago) but with a stick layout that is faithful to the OEM controller’s original offset design. To […]

Weekly Roundup #278

Here’s this week’s roundup, available as a video, as well as audio-only on iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify and many others as well as direct-download: If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly support services, tips, or even just by using our affiliate links to purchase things you were already going to […]

Modern Console Jailbreak News

This week, Modern Vintage Gamer posted two videos talking about modern console jailbreaks.  The first was a video discussing the arrest of Team Xecuter, as a result of the Switch modchip.  The second is a video about two separate exploits being found for the PS5 – And while there’s no public release available, this is […]

Interview With The Handlebar Gamer

I recently did an interview with Ron aka The Handlebar Gamer:  A retro gaming fan (with multiple complete collections!), streamer, classic car aficionado and body builder.  Ron was super easy to talk to and hopefully you’ll find the conversation just as easy to listen to!  This is available is a video (above), as well as […]

Sakura Wars GB: English Translation

A full English translation patch has just been released for the Game Boy Color game Sakura Wars GB, a spinoff of the original Sakura Wars game, released on the Sega Saturn.  Retro Ali recently did a livestream playthrough of the translation, along with the lead translator.  I strongly recommend this video for anyone curious about […]

Fix for all RGB bypassed Sega Genesis

Doing an RGB bypass on a Sega Genesis is one of the first mods I did and is likely one of the most popular mods in the retro community. People have been bypassing these consoles for a long time in an attempt to get rid of the video noise and the dreaded Jailbars. I helped […]

Swiss and GC Loader Updates Improve Write Support

Two enthusiast developed projects on the GameCube—GC Loader and Swiss—have released important updates over the last month that work together to enable exciting new functionality for fans of the lil’ purple lunchbox. GC Loader—an optical drive emulator developed by Daniel Kraak—is a modification that replaces the GameCube’s built in disc drive with an SD card […]

Vectorlink: Vectrex Multi-Controller Adapter

Vectorlink is a joystick adapter designed by Brett Walach of, that allows you to connect any controller with a Wiimote-style cable.  That includes NES/SNES “classic” controllers, as well as Wii controllers and the nunchuck – All including motion control support!  They’re currently sold out, but a second run is being made:  The kit will […]

NBA Jam TE Documentary

PandaMonium Reviews Every U.S. Saturn Game has just released a near two-hour long documentary about NBA Jam.  The documentary was from the perspective of Sega Saturn fans, but it’s a fair and great way to experience the entire NBA Jam story, including history, console port differences and interviews with the original developers! Support the documentary […]

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