Retro-Bit LegacyGC Wired Controller

Pre-orders are now open for a wired, “legacy style” GameCube controller.  It should be compatible with anything that has a GC controller input, including the GC, Wii and 4-player USB adapter.  The price is only $20 plus shipping, which seems like a risk worth taking if you’re interested in using this style controller on your […]

Wii Motherboard On A BVM Input Card

Shank recently shared a ridiculous-but-awesome project that puts a trimmed Wii motherboard directly on a 129x input card for Sony BVM & L-Series PVM monitors.  This is essentially the same as plugging a Wii’s component video output into a monitor…but come on, how cool is this?  It’s powered by the monitor, fully contained and utilizes […]

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