Behar Bros Hayabusa Supergun Reviewed

I recently did a few livestreams where I tested the new Supergun from the Behar Bros called the Hayabusa.  I’d previously liked and tested their previous supergun, (the Shogun) and this performs similarly, with one difference:  Instead of DB15, it has PlayStation 1/2 controller ports.  Unfortunately, the built in controller adapter seems to have about […]

Dinoforce HuCard and Vinyl Pre-Order

PCEWORKS has launched pre-orders for physical copies of an unreleased PCE shoot’em-up game called Dinoforce.  This is the first time the game is seen publicly, other then when it was teased in Japanese magazines 30 years ago.  The game itself was provided by original game designer Tokuhisa Tajima and collector Alex Seimando. Thanks to Marc […]

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