Purple SNES Clear Shells In Production

Retro Game Restore has just officially confirmed they’ll be making “Atomic Purple” versions of their transparent SNES shells, which are due to ship by the end of this year.  Pre-orders are now available from CastleMania Games for all three color choices – Just choose between clear, smoke clear and purple from the drop-down menu.  CastleMania […]

New ForeverPak 64 Revision

4 Layer Tech has just posted a full update to both the RVL-PMS-Lite and ForeverPak 64. The RVL-PMS-Lite should be back in stock by the end of the year with the same features and a few minor changes.  Also, all four colors of their ForeverPak 64 memory “pak” is back in stock and ready to purchase!  […]

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