Consoles4U has just released a new product called the Analog2HDMI:  A high quality analog to digital converter that converts both VGA and Component Video to HDMI.  There’s also both RCA and SPDIF audio inputs, allowing you to route digital audio into the HDMI signal if it’s available.  Since this is just a converter, it outputs […]

Retro World Expo Podcast Roundup (Pt2)

Here’s part 2 of the compilation podcast featuring some of the awesome guests of Retro World Expo.  While the chats were equally as fun as pt1, nature and battery life started to take it’s toll:  The sky blackened and we were getting tornado warnings on our phone, my lav mic cut out during the end […]

MiSTer FPGA News – R-Type 2, Karate Champ & More

In the past, I’ve talked about several screens you can use with a MiSTer that can display core information while playing. User kconger on the MiSTer FPGA forums has built upon the tty2rgbmatrix project by hellbent to make the screen wireless via wifi. This should give you more options on where to place the screen. […]

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