MiSTer FPGA News – R-Type Released,TMNT, PSX Core Anniversary & More

Centipede & Sega/Gremlin Core Jimmy Stones is used the information he learned from Missile Command to improve Centipede’s trackball support. A updates is now available. He is also revisiting the Sega/Gremlin Z80 core. He made a recent breakthrough that will help him develop the core further. Sega/Gremlin History : https://segaretro.org/Sega_Electronics Twitter post : https://twitter.com/mrjimmystones/status/1565092644027498505 Twitter Post 2: https://twitter.com/mrjimmystones/status/1565812709454651398 […]

Retro World Expo Podcast Roundup (Pt1)

Over the weekend of August 2022, I had the privilege of meeting up with a bunch of awesome people at Retro World Expo.  I decided to set up a “podcast station” (with the help of My Life In Gaming) and have a chat with many of the awesome people from the retro gaming scene.  The […]

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