PicoGUS brings UltraSound to retro computers

Vintage PC enthusiasts should keep their ear out for the PicoGUS, an RPi Pico-based soundcard that emulates the Gravis UltraSound. Updates and more information about the PicoGUS can be found on developer Ian Scott’s Twitter (@ianpolpo) and GitHub, linked below.  https://github.com/polpo/picogus  The Gravis UltraSound (“GUS”) is a soundcard released in 1992 for IBM-compatible PCs. Developer Ian […]

JVC D Series CRT – Red Color Correction

The JVC D Series CRTs are some of the best analogue displays available.  They are known for their high-resolution tubes which produce a robust image with deep color and sharp scanlines.  There has always been an issue with many JVC Consumer CRTs.  The TV will push the RED color on the electron gun more than […]

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