Cancel Your Polymega Walmart Orders

This post is not a dig, or a joke – Polymega has just instructed people through their Instagram stories that they should cancel any orders placed through Walmart and re-purchase directly on Polymega’s website.  The price is now $50 more expensive than Walmart was selling it for, but you can use the code WALMART50 for a […]

Darksoft CPS1 Multi Status Update

Darksoft has just posted an update regarding his upcoming multi kit for the CPS1:  A hardware board that will allow you to load up the entire CPS1 library and select a game through an LCD game selector screen (like with the CPS2 multi).  It looks like QSound has now been integrated, allowing games from the […]

The Segaxtreme Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

The Sega Saturn continues to provide new experiences thanks to many hard-working developers on a mission to draw upon every last bit of the consoles latent power. The contest, which started on September 1, 2020 with the winner being announced on January 16, 2021 had a slew of contestants which submitted applications or games that […]

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