Galloping Ghost Arcade Documentary

I documentary was just posted about Galloping Ghost, which is (at the moment) the world’s largest arcade with over seven hundred arcade games.  I was lucky enough to to there myself a few times and the wide selection of games was pretty incredible. I think in times like today where there’s a very real chance of […]

New Emulicious Updates Available

There’s been a few updates to the Emulicious project, adding remote debugging with VS Code, as well as source level debugging with ASM and C code.  As far as I know (and I’m not a programmer!), C source-level debugging for 8-bit systems isn’t very common and something developers might be interested in. You can get […]

Mario Kart 64 ‘Amped Up’ Homebrew Hack

A new homebrew romhack for Mario Kart 64 was just released called “Amped Up”.  The game is certainly still a work in progress, but it offers new tracks and a widescreen mode!  You can download the bps patch here: While the game does work on real hardware with a ROM cart, it requires an Expansion Pak.  […]

Terraonion Announces PSX Support for MODE

Retro hardware developer Terraonion announced today that their Multi Optical Drive Emulator (MODE) will now support the original Playstation. There is a catch though! Although installing a MODE in you Sega Saturn or Dreamcast only requires a screwdriver for disassembly, a PSX installation will require some additional soldering to attach an adapter board. Other PSX […]

RetroTINK 2x-M 720p Mode Added

The RetroTINK 2x Multiformat just got an update that allows it to pass though 720p, as well as pass through 480p with uncompressed (4:4:4) colors.  This is a free update every M owner should get right away and if you were on the fence about buying, this might make you reconsider: Firmware Update: RetroTINK […]

Nintendo Has Mod Chip Makers Arrested

Nintendo has just won a two million dollar lawsuit against a company selling mod chips for the Switch.  On top of that, members of the hacking group Team Xecuter have been arrested and it looks like Nintendo plans on prosecuting them to their fullest extent. News like this always brings up mixed feelings and Modern […]

USB64 – USB to N64 controller converter

USB64Hackaday reports on an open source project from developer Ryzee119 that uses a Teensy board and allows a variety of USB controllers to work on a Nintendo 64 console. The project allows for virtual Rumblepak and Memorypak storage, and even allows uploading of data like ROMs for emulators via the tool. So far the […]

Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy Safe Romhacks has just posted a list of patches currently available that removes or greatly reduces full-screen flashing lights in certain games.  While this flashing effect may be annoying to some, it’s potentially dangerous for anyone who suffers from epilepsy.  Please check out all the current patches available: I’ve always been a giant fan of […]

PS1 Digital Firmware Update v1.1.0

Christof has just released a new firmware update for the PS1 Digital HDMI mod.  This update brings even smoother transitions between resolutions in force mode, which is impressive, since they were absolutely excellent before! There’s also scaling options for each resolution and the PsNee’s region injection has been refined, making it overall more reliable for […]

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