Virtual Ribbon by SegaSonicFan

Developer/Modder SegaSonicFan just released a kit that replaces the Virtual Boy’s original problematic eyepiece flat cable assembly, called: the Virtual Ribbon. The Virtual Ribbon unassembled kit consists of two right-angle mounted PCBs for each eyepiece, two ribbon cables, and two separate connectors (each must be soldered to the main Virtual Ribbon PCBs). SSF went for […]

TONIGHT: Virtual Boy Live Event!

Tonight at Next Level in Brooklyn, NY is NLBC + Virtual Boy Livestrem event, brought to you by @nycfurby!  People will be able to play VB Hyper Fighting head-to-head, with local viewing on an RGB monitor and a 720p stream for people viewing Stream Links (will be updated at the time of the event): […]

Virtual Boy Hyper Fighting LIVE NYC Event

Anyone attending the weekly NLBC Wednesday night event on May 8th will have the ability to play and stream the Virtual Boy version of Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting!  NYCFurby has graciously offered a table at the event where there will be a full Virtual Tap setup and a livestream on the RetroRGB channels!  Anyone attending the […]

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