MiSTer 240p 120Hz on a VGA CRT Monitor

Many people in the retro gaming scene are interested in having a “professional monitor” experience, but don’t have the budget for a PVM or BVM.  One alternative to this, is using pretty much any good condition VGA monitor, doubling 240p to 480p (since CRT VGA monitors aren’t compatible with 240p), then adding artificial scanlines.  This results […]

CRT’s Vs Modern Displays – An EposVox Overview

EposVox has recently released a video that attempts to demonstrate why CRT’s may sometimes be a better fit for gaming (and older video content of course!) than a flat-panel.  This is a conversation that should be familiar to most people reading this website, but articulating exactly why is always a challenge!  As usual, The Stream […]

N64 ray tracing emulator plugin

On the 3rd of June, Twitter user Dario revealed that his path tracing renderer that powered his ray tracing mod for Mario 64 (which was covered here in the past) named RT64 is being turned into a graphics plugin for N64 emulators. As you can see in the tweet above, he released a demo video […]

Weekly Roundup #309

Here’s this week’s roundup, sponsored by JLCPCB! Spend only $2 for 5pcs 1-4 layer PCBs ; PCBA from $0:  https://jlcpcb.com/DRE The Roundup is available as a video and on all audio-only podcast services, such as iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music and direct-download: If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly […]

TBC-1000 Time Base Corrector Repair Guide

Have you ever wanted to preserve analog video from something like a VHS tape?  Maybe you want to make a copy of a tape for a friend.  Better yet, how about digitizing the footage from a VHS tape or some other analog video device.  What kind of issues will arise?  Depending on your equipment, you […]

4K Gamer Pro – Wobbling Pixels Comparison

Wobbling Pixels recently posted a video showing comparisons of 1080p-outputting consoles run through the 4K Gamer Pro.  It was an excellent demonstration of the device and answered a lot of people’s questions about compatibility and how it looks in certain scenarios.  If you’re not familiar with the product, I recommend watching WP’s video first, then […]

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