RetroTINK 2x Mini

This video showcases the RetroTINK 2x Mini, which at the moment seems to be the perfect device for anyone just getting started connecting their classic consoles to modern flat-panel TV’s – There’s no special cables needed, just connect your consoles using wherever cables they came with and connect the TINK Mini to your TV using […]

Everdrive 64 & MEDPro Firmware Updates

Krikzz has recently posted firmware updates for both the Mega Everdrive Pro and the Everdrive 64: Purchase Everdrive 64 / Latest Firmware Downloads Purchase Mega Everdrive Pro / Latest Firmware Downloads The MEDPro got a few bugfixes centered around the audio that the cart generates.  The cart already proved to be extremely accurate to the original […]

Ori Collector’s Edition Pre-Orders

Pre-orders for a boxed “collector’s edition” of both Ori games have just opened.  The price is $150 and it’s available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC: This box set contains physical versions of both Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.  These side-scrolling Metroidvania games are both […]

Updated CPS2 Multi from Darksoft

Darksoft has just released an updated hardware revision to his multi-game kit for the CPS-2 arcade platform.  Functionally, it’s identical to the previous kit, so there’s absolutely no point in upgrading if you’ve already Installed one. That being said, many things about this were tweaked to allow easier installation, so new installs should go a […]

Swiss Updates – September 2020

This Swiss team is continuing their work on their GameCube software and have tweaked and optimized it quite a bit.  One interesting feature in this set of updates is adding “rotational latency”, which is something the Dolphin emulator can do as well.  This can more accurately emulate not only the disc speed, but the time […]

ArcadeTV’s MSU-MD Project

Alex aka ArcadeTV has begun using Krikzz’ MSU-MD driver to add CD quality audio to Sega Genesis games.  This is accomplished by either using a Mega Everdrive Pro, or Mega SD ROM Cart, or by using any way to load a Genesis rom, plus a CD in an actual Sega CD console allowing for 100% […]

Zelda CDi ‘Reanimated’

Recently, over 200 people collaborated to recreate all of the animated cutscenes from the notorious CDi version of Legend Of Zelda.  This “reanimated” video strings all the cutscnes together to form a story and each of the scenes have been completely remade using many different methods:  Everything from hand-drawn animation, to CGI, to even live […]

Setting Up A Sega Titan ST-V

Scarlet Sprites has just posted a video demonstrating how to set up a Sega Titan ST-V arcade board and multi-kit.  He goes through the basics of what boards / cartridges are needed, the muti-cart that’s available and some other great tips like adding a plexi case to prevent shorts and adding an easy kick harness […]

Sega Saturn Model 2 Clear Cases Available For Pre-Order

Game-Tech has just opened pre-orders on a clear replacement case for Model 2 Sega Saturn’s.  The price is $100 plus shipping and can be ordered here: Pre-orders will remain open until October 3rd.  After that, the order will be placed to cover all pre-orders, so everyone who orders will receive one (no word on shipping times, […]

Nintendo 3DS Discontinued?

According to both the Japanese (above) and UK (below) official Nintendo websites, the entire line of 3DS products have been discontinued, including the 2DS and 2DSLL.  With the Wii U and 3DS eShops closing last year, the writing was on the wall that Nintendo would soon pull the plug on the 3DS line of products […]

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