Game Boy Interface – May 2019 Updates

Extrems has been continuing to update the Game Boy Interface software as usual and this month has brought a few more changes: For standard edition: Added prescaling filter setting. Added blend, deflicker* and accumulate filters. *The deflicker filter isn’t quite (yet) a perfect replica of the Game Boy Player Start-up Disc’s normal screen filter, but […]

RetroTINK-2X to OSSC Line 5X Tutorial by Mike Chi

Mike Chi, most notably known as the creator of the Retrotink line of products, just posted a tutorial video showcasing the Retrotink 2x working in conjunction with the OSSC. Mike used an unmodified NES to output composite video to the Retrotink 2x. He, then, instead of using a HDMI to VGA converter (this option produces […]

mCable Gaming Edition Lag Tests

Does the mCable Gaming Edition ad lag!?  In short, no.  Please watch the video anyway though and remember to subscribe, retweet, etc… One important thing for retro gamers to remember is that this cable won’t process interlaced video, it’ll just pass it through.  It will still work with 480i games through the OSSC (PS2, GameCube, […]

Columbus Circle Announces PCE “HDMI” Board; Jailbars Incoming

Japanese company Columbus Circle has announced a plug-and-play device for the PC Engine called the “HD for PCE HDMI Booster”.  This device will output RGB via a Genesis 2 connector and will also include what looks like a cheap analog-to-digital HDMI adapter.  Release is scheduled for August at 3,500 yen (approx $35): I’m always extremely skeptical of […]

Gradius III SA-1 Mod on a REAL SNES Cartridge

Last week, SNES hacker Vitor Vilela posted a free patch for Gradius III that takes advantage of the SA-1 chip to drastically reduce the in-game slowdown.  Well, Voultar wanted to put that patch to the test on real hardware! Voultar used a custom chip adapter board from The Real Phoenix and an SHVC-1L5B donor cartridge […]

RetroRGB Panel at Too Many Games

I (Bob) will be hosting a panel at next month’s Too Many Games, titled: “Getting the best quality from classic consoles for the right price”.  Hopefully the title was descriptive enough 🙂 The panel will start at 3:30PM in panel room #2 and run for about an hour.  The first half will be a brief […]

play date System Announced

Panic Inc. a company who has (for many years) been known for making Mac applications and in the past few years has started helping publish indie titles such as Fire Watch and the Untitled Goose Game is now making a handheld called The Playdate. The playdate is a monochrome screened simplified handheld that will be […]

Interview with qwertymodo

I finally had the pleasure of (re)interviewing qwertymodo, this time without audio issues!!!  Join us as we talk about Zelda Parallel Worlds, MSU-1 Audio hacks, SGB Clock Speed Mods and more! Video of the interview is available on YouTube (above) as well as BitChute and LBRY (below).  An audio-only version, is available on iTunes, Google […]

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