Input Lag Science Website Launched

Loïc Petit has just complied all of his input lag testing methods and test results into one website: Loïc’s work is focused on sticks and converters for modern equipment and is a giant help for people who want to know which equipment to purchase!  The info and guides can absolutely be applied to retro gaming […]

Are Some SD Cards “Louder” Than Others?

Firebrandx has just posted an interesting discovery on his Patreon page and I wanted to post his findings here (with his permission): In most ODE’s (Optical Drive Emulators) and ROM Carts, it’s common to hear a “buzzing” sound when the SD card is being accessed.  It’s most often noticed when there’s silence in the […]

NBA Jam – The Book

I doubt there was a gamer alive in the 90’s that never played NBA Jam, at least once, either in the arcade or on home consoles.  I distinctly remember it as being the perfect blend of an arcade game and a sports game, drawing fans from both genre’s.  Add to an already good game some […]

Divide 2k20 for ZX Spectrum

Lotharek just updated the overall design and functionality of his interpretation of the ZX Spectrum multi-purpose device “Divide“. Originally conceived by Pavel Cimbal, Divide is basically an ATA interface for Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum; Lotharek’s version plugs right into the computer’s expansion port and adds support for loading software directly from a compact flash card, completely […]

Atari 7800 Schematics Found in Dumpster Treasure Trove

Fifty pages of complete engineering schematics for the Atari 7800 and its associated ICs have been released by Curt, the historian behind the Atari Museum Website. The documents have circulated among private individuals for years, but this is the first time they have been publicly accessible. The schematics essentially provide a blueprint that can be […]

collapseos Z80-based Operating System

I recently stumbled across Collapseos – an operating system designed to run on Z80 hardware, such as the Sega Master System and Genesis.  Throughout life, I’ve seen restrictions* force some amazing innovations (think: that scene in Apollo 13!) and this is an excellent example of that:  Developers working under the confines of Z80 hardware to make […]

New GBA IPS Screen Comparison

Dan from Video Games New York was nice enough to let me borrow a few Game Boy Advance consoles, so I can compare the new IPS screen to the original AGS-101 backlit screen. Unfortunately, I don’t have a marco lens, so the footage isn’t nearly as good as I hoped it would be – There’s […]

Analogue Pocket Officially Announced

Last week, Analogue teased an upcoming product release, with the colors of the post made up of the GameBoy DMG color palette. This hinted at a handheld console that uses Kevtris’ Game Boy and Game Boy Color cores, which wasn’t surprising, as they’d previously filed a trademark for both “Analogue Pocket” and “Analogue 8” earlier […]

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