PSIO receives new firmware update (v2.6.12)

(Bias disclosure: The author of this article owns a PSIO, which was acquired personally.) The PSIO, a Playstation optical drive emulator developed by Cybdyn Systems, received a firmware update last week that addressed several bugs and improved game compatibility. The changelog is listed below: Recent Changes from 2.6.11->2.6.12 [Bug Fix] Launching by ‘Quick Start’ would […]

Open Source ‘Capcom Classic’ to JAMMA Adapter

Voultar has just open-sourced his adapter board that allows “Capcom Classic” arcade games to be used with JAMMA arcade cabinets or superguns.  There’s only about 15 original games that use this pinout, but adapters like this can be extremely helpful when using these arcade boards.  A list of supported games can be found here: Voultar […]

Interview with a PS2 Backward-Compatibility Dev

Tom James over on Medium just posted a (re) interview with ones of the main developers who created the PS2’s backward-compatibility, Tetsuya Iida: Iida’s story is pretty interesting and while many of us retro-nerds some of the facts about how the PS2 handles PS1 games, there’s still quite a few surprises!  For one, the sound […]

Weekly Roundup #192

Here’s this week’s roundup!  An audio-only version, is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and for direct-download: Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:  Please consider signing up as a supporter!  Either hit Join, tip or pledge on this video, or sign up through the following services:  /   T-Shirts: All […]

DomesDay86 Small Production Run

A fan of the Domesday Duplicator project is currently opening pre-orders on a run of fully assembled and flashed Domesday86 Duplicator kits. These kits, when combined with (and modded into) a compatible player allow a direct image of a LaserDisc to be saved!  The project has also evolved to both PAL and NTSC VHS, but […]

Everdrive Game Gear x7 Review

Here’s a quick video showcasing the new Everdrive GG x7 from Krikzz.  It’s a significant improvement over the original, but is it worth the extra money?  That’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself after watching the review! Everdrive GG x7: Original GG Everdrive: Other recommended ROM carts: Game Gear Capacitor […]

Stock Update for Insurrection Industries Carby Component Cables

Insurrection Industries issued a statement via Twitter, about their status and stock levels for several items they carry.  These include the Carby Component and various RGB Cables.  However it is important to note going forward that Carby Component Cables will no longer be produced and carried.  Insurrection has indicated that the cost to produce these […]

PC Engine / TG16 Mini Release Delayed

The PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 / Core Grafx Mini is having its world wide launch delayed.  Konami released an updated statement on their product website and via twitter.  Where they mention that the company have delayed shipment and launch of the console as current production have been halted, regretfully due to the Covid 19 epidemic.  […]

Kind Words / Boston Developers

While wandering the aisles at PAX East, I stumbled across the Boston Video Games booth – A team dedicated to promoting developers local to the Boston area.  They were featuring a number of different games that are available on Steam, but being sold at the show in creative ways. Some games were sold as non-functioning […]

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