Specialist controller for TG16/PC-Engine by Hyperkin

Hyperkin just released the Specialist, a $30, 2-button controller that’s compatible with both TurboGrafx 16 and PC-Engine systems:  http://bit.ly/pcespecialist The Specialist is styled after the CoreGrafx controller and its simple layout consisting of: a d-pad, start and select buttons, II and I buttons and their corresponding (3-level) turbo toggles. While I wouldn’t necessarily use the Specialist […]

AV Famicom HVC-101 – Audio Balance Restoration Mod

This is a guest post from fluxcore that details how to improve audio from your NES/Famicom and make them sound closer to the proper audio the original Famicom outputs… Obtaining decent audio output from the Famicom and NES systems has always been an issue – the original, ‘reference’ console, the Famicom (model HVC-001), only provides […]

gswitches in stock

Superg has just posted that for the first time in a long time (ever?), both the gscartsw and gcompsw 8×2 are in stock and ready to ship: gscartsw – $220:  http://www.gretrostuff.com/store/gscartsw/ gcompsw – $200:  http://www.gretrostuff.com/store/gcompsw/ The gswitches are by far the most sought after switches in retro gaming.  Both are 8-input, 2-output devices that provide simultaneous output, […]

Neo SD Loader Updates

Furrtek has posted more details about the upcoming Neo SD Loader project.  As if we weren’t excited enough already… First, pictures of the near-final boards have been posted (shown above) and look great!  He’s still trying to determine the best location for people who’d like to keep both CD & SD support, but it’s possible […]

Vextreme: An Open-Source Vectrex Flash Cart

Rattboi and Technobly have designed a new open-source Vectrex Flash Cart called the Vextreme, based on Spritesmod’s Vectrex Extreme flash cart, which was generously open-sourced by Spritesmod (GPL3). The PCB design was largely based on pictures posted at Spritesmod, but with a retooled firmware and boot ROM that are easier to build. The cart has […]

Castlevania on Intellivision???

Developer Matthew Kiehl has recently shown off his latest update for “Intellivania”, his port of Castlevania on Intellivision.  There’s no current ETA for when it will be finished, however the intention is to release it on physical media. I had the pleasure of seeing this game in person at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and […]

New Super Mario Land (SNES) “No Woohoo Sound Effect” Hack

New Super Mario Land stands as a high water mark of homebrew coding–a masterpiece for the ages. A 16-bit re-imagining of the classic Game Boy Super Mario Land for the Super Nintendo by a legendary scene coder. Although after hours of gameplay, the characters’ “woohoo!” jumping sound effect can become repetitive, so many requested a […]

NES Hardware Sound Comparison

YouTube user マツケん/ MatsukeN recently posted a video comparing how very different each NES/Famicom console outputs audio. Now, of course, there’s a lof of things that factor into this comparison.  What version of the motherboard was in each?  Were they original capacitors, or was a full cap replacement done on each console?  What’s the quality of […]

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