GC Loader 3D Printed SD Mount

The GC Loader is almost here, for those who don’t know about the upcoming ODE (Optical Disk Emulator) for the GameCube, Dan Kunz aka Citrus3000psi worked with Daniel Kraak (meneerbeer) to develop the GC Loader. This device replaces the original disk drive and allows homebrew and backups to be loaded via a SD card. Any SD […]

Project Neon “Caravan DEMO” Released to the General Public (Neo-Geo Homebrew)

Project Neon, a recently announced Neo-Geo shmup released a public “Caravan Demo” that is playable on real hardware, MAME, and the MiSTer.   The proposed game, which we covered recently on this blog, is set to be a co-op a bullet hell shmup with selectable levels when completed. Developer release notes are as follows: Project Neon […]

Retron 5 Custom Firmware Now Available in English

The Retron 5 custom firmware released by ManCloud now has an English version available.  For those that are not familiar with the custom firmware released prior, it’s a pre-rooted version of the original Retron 5 operating system that provides the following features: Pre-rooted system ADB activated by default German system interface (self-translated – comments are […]

A Levelheaded Look At the Philips CDi

Top Hat Gaming Man just posted a highly entertaining and occasionally tongue-in-cheek video about the Philips CDi.  Jokes aside, this is an excellent video that presents the CDi in the correct perspective:  A “home entertainment machine” that eventually evolved into a game console. I absolutely agree with all the points the video made, including the […]

The Messenger: A Spoiler-Filled Review

I’m almost all the way through the Nintendo Switch version of, The Messenger and it left such a striking impression on me that I wanted to share my thoughts on it.  This “review” became extra important for me as I (Bob) recently tweeted about how frustrating the game was, which left the impression that I […]

Testing A/V Delay in Capture Cards

I just released a quick video showing how to make sure your capture card isn’t creating “lag” or “delay between the audio and video of your captures.  This is more of a blog-style discussion than a detailed video, but I do show examples. I normally wouldn’t recommend spending the time to verify capture card lag, unless […]

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