VR NES Emulator 3dSenVR

I recently saw a video showcasing a “VR NES Emulator” called 3dSenVR.  I was really intrigued, as it offered a completely different way to experience these classic 8-Bit games.  My experience with VR has been mixed, but I’d really love to give this a try someday! 3dSenVR is available on the Stem store for $20:  https://store.steampowered.com/app/954280/3dSenVR/

Nintendo Switch: Quick Update Rundown

Every tech blog on the planet seems to be covering the latest Switch news, so I thought I’d present it here as a quick-reference list: Nintendo announced a $200 “Switch Lite” that is handheld-only, with no HDMI output.  I gotta agree with the internet on this one:  It’s weird to think of a “Switch that […]

USB Sega Mouse?

Developer Sik recently proposed an interesting idea:  Why not make a USB adapter that allows a modern computer mouse to be used in place of the Sega Mouse for the Genesis / Mega Drive.  Sik wanted to take it one step further and also include the correct information so the wheel on modern mice can […]

Beharbros Announce Pre-Assembled MVS Kit

The Beharbros have just announced a pre-assembled, consolized MVS kit.  This is using the VGA and SCART adapters they’d previously announced and an all-metal case.  No pricing or availability yet, but the features are as follows: Custom designed, auto painted, full metal enclosure Custom Jamma I/O board simplifies the cabling inside Custom impedance matching RGBS […]

Neo Geo MV1B / MV1C DIY “supergun” kits

There’s now an eBay seller listing a sub-$40 do-it-yourself MVS “supergun” kits for any Neo Geo MVS board that uses the JAMMA standard (I believe mostly MV1B & MV1C).  The creator previously sold some high quality MiSTer boards and has recently moved on to other projects, including this one. While I haven’t had a chance […]

Fully assembled GBA Consolizer by Game-Tech US

Game-Tech US just announced that they will be taking pre-orders for fully assembled GBA Consolizer systems; this will include the main consolizer kit, a plastic enclosure, a plexi cover and an actual GBA motherboard. Woozle‘s brilliant GBA Consolizer kit is already available (for pre-order) through game-tech.us and comes in 2 main forms. The first kit […]

Raspberry Pi 4 Firmware Update

It looks like a pretty essential firmware update was just released for the Raspberry Pi 4 that allows the device to more efficiently use the USB controller and as a result, lowers the overall temperature.  This might not seem like that big of a deal, but the Raspberry Pi has the ability to throttle the […]

KORG’s Genesis Gadget for Switch Music Software

Korg has just announced two $10 add-ons to it’s Korg Gadget Switch software.  The first is a collaboration with Sega to make a Genesis “drum machine”, with original sounds from classic games such as Space Harrier and Out Run.  Next is a synth gadget inspired by Darius and The Ninja Warriors, which is a collaboration […]

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