Game Boy Interface Improved video rendering

Extrems has just updated the Game Boy Interface software to include a new “breakthrough discovery” in video rendering.  For standard and speedrunning editions, the changes are as follows: Improved video rendering. Renamed oversample scaler to area. Changed default scaler to area. Another effect of this discovery will allow fullscreen 16:9, via 960i in GBISR.  More information can […]

GCVideo v2.4d Firmware Released

Unseen aka Ingo Korb has just released an update to the GCVideo firmware.  Version 2.4d corrects the remaining “chroma shift” bug and can be downloaded here: This fix should remove the need for people to use the “menu shift” trick described in a previous update.  It’s my (Bob’s) personal opinion that if you don’t have […]

Satiator Shell Progress

Professor Abrasive has just posted an update to the Satiator project:  The design of the plastic shell is nearing completion and SLA samples have been received.  There’s still some tweaks to be made, but it’s looking like all versions of the Satiator (including beta versions) will ship with some kind of plastic shell: Also, there’s […]

Assembler Games Closing Its Forum?

It looks like the administrator of the Assembler Games forum has announced that it will be closing next month in June due to financial reasons.  Forum users have publicly offered to donate to keep the site alive, but the administrator hasn’t responded to anyone publicly as of the time of this post: OPINION (Bob’s):  As […]

C64 Sam’s Journey NES Port

Knights of Bytes have just shown a teaser of their 2017 hit Commodore 64 game Sam’s Journey running on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The C64 edition of the game was available to purchase both as a physical disk, as well as a digital download.  I hope they’ll offer the same with the NES version, as […]

Retrobright Experiment Pt 1: Sunlight

As you can see from the title, my first experiment with “retrobright” was a massive failure.  Please check out the video (YouTube above, BitChute below) to see what went wrong and make sure to subscribe and follow these news posts to see how I get it right next time! Salon Care 40 Solution: Console Cleaning: […]

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