How GBA Graphics Worked

Modern Vintage Gamer has just released a follow-up to his excellent video that explained how Game Boy Graphics work, this time concentrating on the GBA.  As with all MVG videos, he does a great job presenting the information in a way that will satisfy most techincal experts, without alienating his less-technical viewers. Without spoiling too […]

Satiator ODE: Beta Overview

Here’s an early look at the upcoming “Satiator” Optical Drive Emulator for the Sega Saturn made by Professor Abrasive. It’s a plug-and-play device that allows you to boot CD images without modding your console at all.  Even though the project is still only in beta, I was very impressed at the performance!  Check it out […]

Metal Dreamcast Replacement Shell

The Behar Bros and TR Fight Stick have opened up pre-orders on an all-metal shell for the Dreamcast that’s designed to support both the DCHDMI and GDEMU!  At $150 with no disc support, this is definitely a niche product, but still one that I think many people might be interested in. The insides look interesting, […]

Mega Sg Game Gear Adapter Issues

Analogue has just sent out a mass email to everyone who purchased cartridge adapters for the Mega Sg.  While the Sega Card and MK-2000 adapters are fine, using the Game Gear adapter can potentially damage your Mega Sg.  According to Analogue: “If the Game Gear Adapter is a defective one, there is a chance it […]

PSIO Firmware update (February 2019)

Australian team Cybdyn just released a firmware update for their PS1 Parallel I/O port device, the PSIO. Since the latest update back in November 2019, Cybdyn have been hard at work trying to improve the PSIO‘s overall performance and fixing some game-breaking bugs; here’s what they came up with for Menu System 2.6.11/ARM 2.6.7: After […]

Mortal Kombat Inspired “Insane Pain” Announced for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive

A new homebrew fighting game was recently revealed on the Sega-16 forums. The game, which currently goes by the name of Insane Pain, was inspired by Mortal Kombat with a pre-rendered look similar to Killer Instinct.  Similar to the latter, the graphics are 3D models created in Blender which are then converted to 2D sprites […]

Sega Ages – Sonic 2 coming to Switch

The classic Sega Genesis game Sonic 2 will be released on February 20th on the Nintendo Switch as a “Sega Ages” release: A recent interview with M2, the team who ported the game, reveals that there’s a lot more to this version than just a basic port.  Some features added: The ability to play as […]

New MDFourier Versions in the works

Artemio and the MDFourier team has been hard at work on newer versions of the analysis tool for different consoles.  They’ve been working on versions for SNES, Game Boy and PCE/TG-16, as well as keeping up with the Genesis and Sega CD versions.  On top of those beta versions, they’ve also been testing the effect of […]

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