Triple Bypass CDX Installation Instructions Added

Mobius Strip Tech has just successfully tested a Genesis Triple Bypass installation on a Sega CDX.  Installations like this are important both to document the mod itself, as well to help discover how these less-common consoles work!  Detailed pictures of the installation can be found here: We’ve also been trying to update most of the […]

Behar Bros Neo Geo MVS RGB Board

The Behar Bros’ have just announced the “RGB16”:  An RGB SCART output board for Neo Geo MVS motherboards.  This board will allow you to solder to the JAMMA outputs of an MVS board and get both audio and video through a SCART socket: This device was designed as a companion to people also purchasing their […]

MiSTer 1943 Core Publicly Launched

Jose Tejada has just released his 1943 FPGA core to the MiSTer platform!  The core should soon be added to the auto-download scripts, but you can get the zip file right now from Jose’s public Patreon post. I’m so excited to see how quickly the MiSTer platform is growing and seeing all the amazingly accurate […]

RetroPSU Production Issues

The creator of the RetroPSU products has just posted a heartfelt and frustrated update to their production schedule: A picture of the latest PSU, as well as a detailed description of the issues were posted.  In short, the latest batch of PSU’s have been delayed, due to a communication dropout with the manufacturer.  The creator […]

TONIGHT: Virtual Boy Live Event!

Tonight at Next Level in Brooklyn, NY is NLBC + Virtual Boy Livestrem event, brought to you by @nycfurby!  People will be able to play VB Hyper Fighting head-to-head, with local viewing on an RGB monitor and a 720p stream for people viewing Stream Links (will be updated at the time of the event): […]

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