New Saturn Castlevania SOTN Improvement Hack Utilizes The 4MB RAM Cart For Fast Loading, Smoother Animations, And More.

Chinese ROMhacker YZB has coded a high-level hack of the Sega Saturn Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [Akumajou Dracula X-Gekka no Yasoukyoku] which implements a number of quality of life improvements by using the 4MB RAM cart and other modifications: Disk-reading slowdown is eliminated by preloading data to a 4MB RAM cart, the CD file […]

Lockdown Giveaway Week #7: GameCube Carby HDMI Adapter

This week, I’ve teamed up with Insurrection Industries to give away a Carby Component adapter for the Nintendo GameCube.  This adapter is an awesome way to get HDMI output from any GameCube with the digital port and supports 240p, 480i and 480p output!  Purchase a Carby direct from Insurrection: Also, all versions of the […]

MegaKiosk DS-18 New 8-slot Unit for Genesis/Mega Drive

UK based modder Will Gentry just revealed the MegaKiosk DS-18, a new 8-slot add-on device for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Originally based on the never-publicly-released SEGA DS-16 6-slot Kiosk demo unit, the DS-18 is an Arduino-based external peripheral that interfaces with any (all models from all regions) Genesis/Mega Drive console through a custom cartridge (and […]

MacOS Version of MDFourier Now Available

The MDFourier team has just launched a MacOS version of their analysis software.  This provides the same exact toolset as the Windows version, with the minimum supported OSX being 10.9 Mavericks.  The Windows version was also updated as well, with both versions at v1.01: For anyone unfamiliar, the MDFourier software works by playing a series […]

SA-1 patch for Mega Man X released

While it boasts a library of beloved games in spite of it, the CPU in the Super Nintendo has never been considered a performance powerhouse even by the standards of its release. In fact, some developers struggled to maintain consistent frame rates when the action heated up and you can see this in many of […]

Satiator Case Enters Production

Professor Abrasive just posted on Patreon regarding his upcoming Sega Saturn optical drive emulator, The Satiator.  He’s been in the final push towards getting this product released, and a big step on that path has been getting a production case completed.  He opted for injection molding and it appears the case is ready for a […]

EverDrive GBA ‘X5 Mini’ Now Available!

Krikzz’s new Everdrive GBA X5 Mini is now available to order.  The price is $99 and it retains all functionality of the previous GBA X5, but is now the size of a stock GBA cartridge, no longer sticking out the back of the cart port like the previous edition. The cart can be ordered here: […]

Emulicious ads MSX Support

The software emulation platform Emulicious has just added support for MSX computer games.  Most MSX1 cartridge ROMs are supported and disk images can be supported if you supply your own BIOS.  Interestingly, the creator CAlindro seems to have added this support within just four weeks! As a note, while Emulicious is a capable emulator, it’s most […]

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