Retro Access 15kHz/31kHz Dreamcast cables

Retro Access just added new Dreamcast SCART and BNC cables to their ever-growing inventory of high-grade RGB cables: Dreamcast SCART Cable (you can choose cable type from the drop-down) Dreamcast BNC Cable (choose length and audio connector from the drop-down) Both versions come equipped with a 15kHz/31kHz switch, neatly fitted on the console’s end plug, for […]

Game Boy Interface Software Updates

Extrems has posted a few updates to the Game Boy Interface software in the past few months.  Some of the more notable changes are the updated video modes and color matrices by Pokefan531.  As always, the latest version of the software can be found here: Full list of changes: Fixed a power issue. Enabled USB […]

Paprium is supposedly still being worked on.

Two projects that are considered vaporware by many have risen from the depths of limbo this month. The first of the two, known as the Polymega, recently allowed for Bob of RetroRGB to get some hands-on time with their pre-release hardware. Now, in a similar strategic move, Paprium‘s head, Fonzie (the head of Watermelon Games) has finally […]

Virtual Boy Hyper Fighting LIVE NYC Event

Anyone attending the weekly NLBC Wednesday night event on May 8th will have the ability to play and stream the Virtual Boy version of Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting!  NYCFurby has graciously offered a table at the event where there will be a full Virtual Tap setup and a livestream on the RetroRGB channels!  Anyone attending the […]

Sega 32x Genesis 3 Riser

Sega never officially supported the mating of the 32x to the final installment of the Genesis. If you were to install the 32x on the Gen 3 you would run into the issue of the system toppling over anytime that you touched it. I set out on a quest to rectify the injustice to the […]

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