Fenrir ODE Firmware Update, DirectBoot Added

The Fenrir ODE just got a pretty substantial firmware update, with some bugfixes and a direct-boot option;  After powering on, the Saturn will boot directly to the Fenrir menu as before, however you now have three launch options: A = “DirectBoot” B = CD-ROM Player / Menu Boot C = Boot to cartridge Hitting A […]

Dreamcast Link Cable Pre-Order

Kevin Mellott, creator of the Virtual Boy Link Cable and HyperFlash32, has just opened pre-orders on a homebrew link cable for the Sega Dreamcast.  The price will be $85 plus shipping and pre-orders are taken directly by email: mellottsvrpage@gmail.com I spoke to Kevin about this and the goal is to provide a high quality, reliable […]

TinyNES Composite Video NES

A project is currently being launched called the TinyNES;  A device that plays 8-bit NES cartridges and only outputs composite video.  Here’s their main page, with no price or availability announced:  https://www.crowdsupply.com/tall-dog-electronics/tinynes Honestly, I (Bob) don’t really get it.  A device like this requires you to cannibalize existing NES or Famicom consoles for their CPU […]

Lag Testing Retro Scalers

After realizing there’s surprisingly still a lot of confusion over which scalers in the retro gaming scene have the most lag, I wanted to make a video that demonstrates each of the most popular scalers, using the most precise tools available!  This video will also teach you how to run the exact same tests yourself!   Time […]

Lockdown Giveaway Week #10: RetroTINK 2x Pro

This final lockdown giveaway is for a RetroTINK 2x Pro, donated by Mike Chi.  It’s an awesome device that converts 240p and 480i from composite, S-Video and Component video to 480p HDMI.  It’s a zero-lag device and also features a smoothing filter that’s great for low-res 3D graphics and some awesome scanline options, including the […]

C64 Component Mod & S-Video Available at VGP

The Component Video mod for the Commodore 64 (C64) is now available for purchase at Video Game Perfection (VGP).  This is a video mod that allows user to replace the existing RF modulator that is onboard the C64 and drops in a FPGA replacement solution that bypasses and interprets the video signals coming digitally from […]

MDFourier SD Card Testing

The MDFourier / 240p Test Suite team has been continuing to post regular updates to the incredible test software.  The NES, GB and GBA versions of the suite were recently updated and they’ve also, been continuing their tests on hardware…including MicroSD cards. Bernie, aka bfbii has been publishing documentation of his MicroSD test results, which […]

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