Atomiswave Dolphin Blue now fully playable on Dreamcast

I reported recently about Megavolt85’s native 1:1 Atomiswave arcade-to-Dreamcast ports, and I posted a video on the topic. Since then, more Atomiswave games have been ported over. Bob maintains a list of the ports here. Dolphin Blue, the Metal Slug inspired “dolphin ’em up” was at the top of everyone’s list, and it was ported […]

RetroTINK-2X Pro Firmware v1.7

Mike Chi has just released a new firmware for the RetroTINK 2x Pro, that ads more functionality to the comb filter switch:  With this update, switching it to “retro” mode will boost the brightness a tiny bit, allowing to compensate for any signals that look a bit dull. Download the latest firmware here: RetroTINK 2x […]

RetroTINK 2x Mini: Passthrough Mode Added

Mike Chi has just released a new firmware for the RetroTINK 2x Mini, that allows you to disable the scaler and pass through the composite and S-Video signals to the HDMI output.  This essentially turns the TINK Mini into an analog to digital converter, with a comb filter built-in.  In order to activate this feature, […]

GCLoaders In Stock

The GameCube Optical Drive Emulator called the GCLoader has sold out within minutes each time a new batch has been released.  Luckily, there appears to be a new batch with quite a bit of stock available: GCLoader: 3D Printed SD Mount: The GCLoader requires no soldering and is 100% plug & play.  There are a […]

GBS-C AIO Pre-Orders Now Open

Pre-orders for the first 100 units are now open on the GBS-Control All-In-One project.  These pre-orders are for fully completed units, that include a power supply, pre-programmed GBS-Control, clock generator and an HDMI output all pre-installed;  This is a turn-key solution for someone who wants to jump right into all the features the GBS-C project […]

The 16-Bit Audiophile Project

I recently came across something called The 16-Bit Audiophile Project, which is dedicated to archiving and preserving game soundtracks in the highest quality possible.  Through the use of professional recording equipment, they’re able to get high resolution, extremely accurate recordings straight from the original hardware. They post their own releases, but also allow for community […]

The Legend of Zelda – ‘A Link To The Proto’

Romhacker SePH has just posted a patch for SNES Zelda that’s being called ‘A Link To The Proto’.  It’s an interesting hack, as it’s not an official, existing prototype release;  Its actually a compellation of assets found in different prototype versions that have been previously leaked.  The goal is to give a glimpse of what […]

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