Cancel Your Polymega Walmart Orders

This post is not a dig, or a joke – Polymega has just instructed people through their Instagram stories that they should cancel any orders placed through Walmart and re-purchase directly on Polymega’s website.  The price is now $50 more expensive than Walmart was selling it for, but you can use the code WALMART50 for a […]

Darksoft CPS1 Multi Status Update

Darksoft has just posted an update regarding his upcoming multi kit for the CPS1:  A hardware board that will allow you to load up the entire CPS1 library and select a game through an LCD game selector screen (like with the CPS2 multi).  It looks like QSound has now been integrated, allowing games from the […]

The Segaxtreme Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

The Sega Saturn continues to provide new experiences thanks to many hard-working developers on a mission to draw upon every last bit of the consoles latent power. The contest, which started on September 1, 2020 with the winner being announced on January 16, 2021 had a slew of contestants which submitted applications or games that […]

Neo SD Pro AES & MVS Pre-Orders Open

Pre-orders are once again open for Neo Geo AES and MVS versions of the Neo SD Pro ROM cart.  The price is around $685: Neo SD Pro AES: Neo SD Pro MVS: The cart is exactly the same as previous versions, which include: 4 Flash slots that retain the game assigned and boot instantly. 1 […]

No-Cut Hi-Def NES Adapter

Greg from LaserBear is now selling an adapter kit for front-loading NES consoles that allow you to install the Hi-Def NES HDMI kit, without requiring any cutting at all!  He previously released a different adapter called the “height def NES” that allows for a no-cut installation on top-loading NES’. Purchase the kit here: The kit […]

How Nintendo DS Graphics Worked

Modern Vintage Gamer has just released a video demonstrating how the graphics worked in the Nintendo DS handheld console.  It was impressive to see how both 2D and 3D graphics could be used together to create very detailed looking games, even in such a small resolution. If this is your first time watching an MVG […]

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