Lag Testing Intec Gaming’s GBA HDMI

Here’s a video proving Intec is still using the same HDMI solution with 2-3 frames of variable lag for their mods.  Which is upsetting, because EVERYTHING ELSE about this is awesome.  Let’s hope they cancel their Kickstarter and actually put some effort into getting it right ;/  If you’d like a video focusing on all […]

MiSTer MultiSystem / Heber Reveal Handheld MiSTer Prototype

The official MiSTer MultiSystem Twitter account has revealed that Richard Horne, owner of their hardware manufacturing partner Heber, has been working on a handheld MiSTer system and already has mutliple iterations of working prototypes. Richard informs me that the prototypes are currently built around a stripped down DE10 and so are 100% compatible with the […]

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