USB2DB15 CS Ver. (for Consolization)

Raph_friend, developer of the USB2DB15, just announced a slightly altered version of their controller adapter, named: USB2DB15 CS Ver. For those who are unaware, the USB2DB15 is basically an adapter that accepts a wide variety of USB controllers and converts the input signal for use on Neo Geo consoles and most modern superguns, through a […]

JagNet Atari Jaguar Network Interface Adapter

Have you ever been playing BattleSphere on your Atari Jaguar and thought:  “You know what would make this experience even better?  Fifteen more Jaguar consoles all playing it together!”  Well, you’re in luck, because Humble Bazooka is selling a homebrew version of the JagLink adapter, they’re calling the JagNet.  Compatibility should be identical to the […]

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