Retro Game Restore clear shells available for pre-order at Castlemania Games

Castlemania Games has recently opened pre-orders for Retro Game Restore‘s entire line of translucent replacement shells for classic consoles and peripherals. RGR‘s 90s-looking shells have been slowly but surely gaining popularity among retro gaming enthusiasts for the past year and a half. With what started as a single run of PC Engine clear shells back […]

HyperBoy FlashCart Pre-Orders

Kevin Mellott has just opened pre-orders on his single-flash Virtual Boy ROM Cart, called the HyperBoy.  This is meant to be a stripped-down, more affordable alternative to Kevin’s eInk-based HyperFlash32, is available in black or red and costs about $65 less at $135.  These are scheduled to arrive to customers before the end of the […]

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