Mega Everdrive Pro Firmware v4.12

Krikzz has just released a new firmware for the Mega Everdrive Pro, which allows support for the upcoming game Demons of Asteborg:  A new Genesis game that has an official ROM available to purchase.  While the game isn’t released yet, it looks awesome and I’m happy to see support added to the MEDPro! Purchase a […]

LaserBear LCD “CRT” Case Reviewed

Greg from LaserBear recently started selling a kit that allows you to mount a small, iPad-style, 4:3 LCD screen into a 3D printed case that resembles a CRT.  This case can be rotated onto either side, making it an excellent choice for “TATE mode” gaming as well.  The above video is an edited compilation of […]

MiSTer CPS2 “Public Beta” Core Released

Jotego has just released a “public beta” core for the Capcom Play System 2 core for the MiSTer.  Anyone can download and use this core, simply by running update_all, however Jotego is still calling it “beta”, as there are still a few minor bugs to fix. Support Jotego here: update_all: Here’s how to update your […]

Tie Fighter Total Conversion Project V1.0 Launch

The Tie Fighter Total Conversion Project (TFTC) Mod for the Star Wars game, X-Wing Alliance (XWA) has now officially been released on  This total conversion is based off the original Tie Fighter game released 27 years ago this month in July of 1994.  Unique for its time, Tie Fighter gave players a different perspective […]

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