RetroTINK 5x Firmware Update v1.55

Mike Chi has just released a new firmware update for the RetroTINK 5x, that includes “LCD style” scanlines, tweaked automatic phase detection…and something previously thought to be impossible:  Certain modes with 240p processing, that matches the 4:4:4 colorspace output that the OSSC provides!  That’s right, in some scenarios, the output will now equal the OSSC’s!  […]

Retro Game Restore Genesis Shell Pre-Orders

Retro Game Restore has just opened pre-orders on smoke clear shells for the model 1 Genesis / Mega Drive.  The first 200 units sold will be at a 15% discount, to help “kickstart” the sales process and crowdfund what it takes to get started.  I purchased one and the total price came to about $120 […]

4:3 LCD Arcade Monitors 15Khz / 31Khz

Arcooda recently tweeted about launching new arcade monitors earlier this week. While the information known is scarce, it states to be a brand new 20″ 4:3 LCD Monitor capable of 15KHz / 31KHz. Mentioned in the product placement holder; the monitor has two input sources (VGA and HDMI). Not only does it state support for […]

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