No-cut, no-solder GBA backlit IPS screen mod

Tito from Macho Nacho productions has just posted a video demoing and installing a new IPS screen mod for the Game Boy Advance.  This one requires no modification to the original case and is completely plug and play – Zero soldering required!  The screen doesn’t seem to be as bright as other options and doesn’t […]

JagCD Beta Release for GameDrive

Saint from RetroHQ has just released the latest firmware for his Atari Jaguar Game Drive.  This version adds preliminary support for Jaguar CD images, however they need to be converted and loaded in the proper order.  Please see below for more info: Download the firmware here (bottom of page): Jaguar GameDrive US Seller: GameDrive […]

Map Labs Test Tube 12 Released

The modding group Map Labs has recently released a new mod for Half-Life 2 in their Test Tube series called Crossfire. Map Labs is a mapping competition for Half-Life 2 where they get a bunch of people together to make maps based on a theme that gets chosen for the mod. The mappers are given […]

XboxHD+ Xbox HDMI Expansion Adds Scaling and New Features

Dustin from MakeMHz posted a blog update announcing updates to the original XboxHD, as well as the launch of an upcoming expanded version called XboxHD+ with a list of features aiming to fully modernize the original Xbox’s video output. Incredibly, the new features being added to the + model will also be applicable to the […]

MechaPwn exploit for PS2

A month after the Playstation 2’s Mechanics-controller, aka Mechacon, ROM has been successfully dumped, developer Triszka Balázs has released a follow-up exploit named MechaPwn (pronounced Mecha-pone) that aims at defeating one of the last security barriers of the PS2. For the uninitiated, the Mechacon is an IC chip found on all Playstation 2 board revisions […]

RetroFrog Neo Geo AES “Feet” Replacements

Todd Gill has recently listed rubber replacement “feet” for Neo Geo AES consoles and control sticks.  I wanted to check them out to see how they compared to the original.  Yes, this is a review…of rubber feet. One set of four is $4 + shipping: The AES stick and console, both had soft “feet” […]

Weekly Roundup #249

Here’s this week’s roundup, available as a video, as well as audio-only on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and for direct-download: Thanks so much to John for taking care of this week!  Follow him @dark1x & If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly support services, tips, or even just […]

Sinden Light Gun Support Added to PS1d

The team behind the PS1 Digital has just released a new firmware update, with the option to add border support for the Sinden Light Gun; A device that uses a white border around the game image to track where on the screen you’re “shooting”.  This allows light gun games to be used on all TV’s, […]

GCVideo Support Brace

Todd Gill has just released a design for a 3D printed brace that adds support for GCVideo plug and play devices.  This helps reduce the stress on the GC’s digital port that may be caused by the downward pressure of thicker cables connected to the GCVideo dongles.  Here’s links and see before for more info: […]

8Bitdo Pro 2 Review

Lon Seidman recently reviewed 8bitdo’s follow-up to their pro controller and gave it mostly positive reviews:  The Switch motion controls may not be as good as the official Switch Pro controller, but it offers a ton of other advantages and is about $10 cheaper at $50: 8Bitdo Pro 2 Black: 8Bitdo Pro 2 Grey: 8Bitdo […]

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