MemCard Pro Now Available In Multiple Colors

The MemCard Pro is now available in Smoke Black, Frost White, Classic Grey, Red Frost and Blue Frost!  There’s no other change to the design, however I’m really glad to see the new choices added:  Aesthetics are really important to many collectors and I know getting one in red or blue might push people over […]

PS3 & Vita Stores To Remain Open

Sony has just officially announced that after the public backlash regarding the closure of their online stores, they’ve reversed their decision:  While the PSP store will still close on July 2nd of this year as planned, they’ll be keeping both the PS3 and PS Vita stores open.  No specific end date was mentioned, but I get […]

Playstation 1 In-Game reset mod

Will Gentry from Will’s Console Modifications just released a board that adds in-game reset functionality to the original Playstation. Based on the open-source project started by pyroesp in 2019, Will’s board provides the ability to reset the system itself or the launched game through different button combinations. But unlike the original design, which involves soldering […]

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