Power Base Mini & FM Now Available For Purchase

CastleMania Games has just started selling db Electronics’ Sega Master System to Genesis cartridge adapters.  There’s two models available:  The Power Base Mini, which is a basic SMS-to-Genesis cartridge converter, as well as the Power Base FM, which ads FM audio to games that support it.  It’s also compatible with the Sega Master System’s Everdrive, […]

Metroid Prime 2D Demo

A team of people have been working on a 2D version of the GameCube game Metroid Prime.  A beta version is available that lets you get a few items, as well as get a sense of what the game is like.  It’s awesome! Direct download link:  https://mppa-pack-and-other-public-junk.s3.amazonaws.com/Prime2D_0. Forum:  https://forum.prime2d.com/t/prime-2d-demo-v0-1-21-4-1/6582 I spent some time with it this morning […]

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