Analogue Releases Updates, Reaffirms SNt/MSg/DAC Restock

Analogue Inc, a company that specializes in selling Hi-Fi grade retro gaming hardware, has made a handful of announcements today that address concerns from both their current and prospective customers. First, Analogue has reaffirmed its commitment to restock three of their products: The Super Nt, which is capable of running software from the Super Nintendo/Super […]

Everdrive 64 x5 Released

Krikzz has just released a new ROM cart for the Nintendo 64 that he’s listing under the “x5” moniker.  It’s essentially a replacement for the previous “v2.5” and might be the best choice for most people looking to run ROMs on the console.  More details after the link: Everdrive 64 x5: Everdrive 64 x7: MicroSD […]

A Beta of Dinosaur Planet Has Been Released

On February 20th, 2021, the Twitter account Forest of Illusion released a a beta of the game Dinosaur Planet for the N64 which eventually became Starfox Adventures released for the GameCube. The ROM was found on a CD in the possession of a Swedish collector with a file date of December 1st 2000. Today we […]

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