Xump 2 Back to Space – ROM release and review

Independent video game studio RetroGuru just made the rom file of their 2020 Mega Drive/Genesis puzzle game Xump 2 – Back to Space publicly available for download. Released in May 2020 in cartridge form, Xump 2 – BTS is the sequel of the 2014 released, multi-platform simplistic old-school puzzler Xump. RetroGuru were kind enough to […]

ArcadeTV’s Sega Genesis Music Creation

Alex aka ArcadeTV just started his own wiki, with the hopes of providing all the information someone would need to create their own Genesis game music via standard VGM, or the new MSU-MD format;  A new way to add CD-quality soundtracks to Genesis / Mega Drive games that’s even playable on original hardware:  https://arcadetv.github.io/msu-md-patches/ Alex […]

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