MiSTer 1080p 5x Beta Testing

Sorg has just posted a NES core to allow his Patreon followers to text an experimental 1080p 5x mode.  I’ll soon have a video out that describes why 5x mode is so important and how it might be the best way to experience retro consoles on flat-panels, but I’ll try and give a short summary […]

New Dreamcast Atomiswave Arcade Ports – Unreleased Fighters: KenJu & Force Five

We have been following Megavolt85’s efforts to convert Atomiswave Arcade games to run natively on the Dreamcast. Recently he released ports of two unreleased Atomiwave figthing games: KenJu and Force Five. KenJu combines cel shaded 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, and plays similarly to Rival Schools. Force Five is a 3D fighter later became Jingi […]

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