Jaguar GameDrive Pre-Orders Open

Stone Age Gamer has just opened pre-orders on the Atari Jaguar ROM cart from RetroHQ called the GameDrive.  The price is $180 plus shipping and should ship around late March: Jaguar GameDrive: MicroSD Cards: I previously reviewed the GameDrive back when it was called by its original name and it performed really well.  After […]

XStation Firmware Update

Rama has just posted a new firmware update for the XStation Optical Drive Emulator.  This update adds support for the MemCard Pro, as well as includes some tweaks and bugfixes. XStation Firmware Download: Purchase XStation: 3D Printed SD Mount: While the XStation was already considered a very stable product, this release will allow […]

Weekly Roundup #242

Here’s this week’s roundup, available as a video, as well as audio-only on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and for direct-download: If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly support services, tips, or even just by using our affiliate links to purchase things you were already going to buy anyway, at […]

Analogue Releases Updates, Reaffirms SNt/MSg/DAC Restock

Analogue Inc, a company that specializes in selling Hi-Fi grade retro gaming hardware, has made a handful of announcements today that address concerns from both their current and prospective customers. First, Analogue has reaffirmed its commitment to restock three of their products: The Super Nt, which is capable of running software from the Super Nintendo/Super […]

Everdrive 64 x5 Released

Krikzz has just released a new ROM cart for the Nintendo 64 that he’s listing under the “x5” moniker.  It’s essentially a replacement for the previous “v2.5” and might be the best choice for most people looking to run ROMs on the console.  More details after the link: Everdrive 64 x5: Everdrive 64 x7: MicroSD […]

A Beta of Dinosaur Planet Has Been Released

On February 20th, 2021, the Twitter account Forest of Illusion released a a beta of the game Dinosaur Planet for the N64 which eventually became Starfox Adventures released for the GameCube. The ROM was found on a CD in the possession of a Swedish collector with a file date of December 1st 2000. Today we […]

Vertically-Oriented GBA SP Case Replacement

Macho Nacho Productions posted a review of the Game Boy Advance SP “Unhinged” metal shell from  I’ve been extremely curious about this since I first saw it teased, as I always felt a vertically-oriented GBA might have felt more comfortable for playing both GBA games, as well as original GB + GBC. GBA SP […]

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