Nt mini Noir Deep Dive

Hey everyone, it’s Try from My Life in Gaming. We just released our episode on the Nt mini Noir, which as I’m sure you know by now, is completely redesigned in how it works, adding crucial features like interpolation. As usual, we tried to go through pretty much everything you can do with the system, […]

‘My Arcade’ Famicom to NES Cartridge Converter Review

I recently saw a $15 cartridge converter on Amazon that allows you to play original Famicom games on an NES.  The main difference between this one and previous I’ve tested is the shape and orientation:  After connecting the cartridge, it takes on the shape of an NES cart, with the label facing the same way […]

Fiber Optic HDMI Cable Lag Tested

Many gamers – both modern and retro – need long runs of HDMI cable to complete their setups.  There’s many reasons to need a longer cable, ranging from distance of consoles to display (like with projectors), distance of console & display to capture PC (my setup) and even people running retro gaming tournaments who need […]

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