Omega MVS Replacement Board Now Available At CastleMania Games

CastleMania Games is now offering Tianfeng‘s Omega MVS RGB upgrade board, for $65 plus shipping.  They’re expected to ship in about a month: If you upgrade to this board, you’ll loose composite and component video and can not use your original Omega MVS RGB SCART cable;  You’ll need to use RGB, Component and HDMI cables […]

Custom Action Replay Firmware For Satiator

Professor Abrasive has recently posted a custom firmware for Action Replay carts based on AR firmware 2.02C.  This retains full AR functionality for discs and can be used as a 4MB RAM cart when launching games from the Satiator.  At the moment, I don’t think it will allow cheats with games launched from the Satiator, […]

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