Analogue Nt Mini Noir Jailbreak

I just released the Analogue Nt Mini Noir Jailbreak. For all the juicy details and instructions, see Github. There is way too much to list here, but in short there are several new and improved cores, a complete overhaul of the NES JB core, and most importantly, a cartridge ROM dumper with save support, called […]

UV Holographic Overlays for Vectrex Consoles

Browsing through a recent issue of my favourite in-print retro magazine, the aptly-titled “Retro Gamer Magazine“, I stumbled across an article about Laurence Bennion’s “Blacklighter” project.  These are a series of prints on transparent film that react to UV “black lights”, and when combined with the vector video screen of a classic Vectrex console, look […]

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