UltraPIF – Multi Region N64 PIF Replacement

Back in 2017, developer jago85 started working on a project that aims at turning any (factory region-locked) N64 into a region-free console. He called it the UltraPIF. (Ultra referring to the N64 early code name and PIF referring to the console’s lockout chip(s) PIF–NUS (NTSC) and PIF(P)-NUS (PAL). The PIF, which stands for Peripheral InterFace, […]

Interview & Work Crunch Discussion

Recently, Nate (DirectFeedGames) and Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG) invited Matt Philips onto the Nate the Hate podcast.  Where they discussed various issues regarding the video game industry, giving a inside look into this passion we all love.  The primary topic for this episode was on the issue of development time crunch within the industry.  Their […]

Sega SC-3000 preservation – making rare games available in a web browser

Anyone who has browsed The Internet Archive over the years would have likely stumbled across their pages where they offer old video games running from within your browser.  Over the years they’ve added countless games from classic systems in a way that is incredible accessible for anyone, regardless of technical skill. Take a browse through: […]

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