Terraonion Announces PSX Support for MODE

Retro hardware developer Terraonion announced today that their Multi Optical Drive Emulator (MODE) will now support the original Playstation. There is a catch though! Although installing a MODE in you Sega Saturn or Dreamcast only requires a screwdriver for disassembly, a PSX installation will require some additional soldering to attach an adapter board. Other PSX […]

RetroTINK 2x-M 720p Mode Added

The RetroTINK 2x Multiformat just got an update that allows it to pass though 720p, as well as pass through 480p with uncompressed (4:4:4) colors.  This is a free update every M owner should get right away and if you were on the fence about buying, this might make you reconsider: Firmware Update:  https://www.retrotink.com/post/retrotink-2x-pro-multiformat-firmware-page RetroTINK […]

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