ArcadeTV Mega Everdrive Pro Themes Posted

Alex, aka ArcadeTV has just posted a website of all the different theme’s he’s been creating for the Mega Everdrive Pro ROM cart. ArcadeTV MEDPro Themes: Firmware: Purchase Mega Everdrive Pro: I just tested a few myself;  They look amazing and work perfect.  “Installation” is about as easy as it gets too: Make sure […]

EverDrive N8-PRO OS update v2.09

Krikzz has just released a new OS/firmware update for the Everdrive N8-Pro, adding the updated savegame support that he’s been including in the rest of his product line: Firmware Update: Purchase Everdrive N8 Pro: The updated savegame management change copies the data to the SD card every time the menu is loaded, as opposed […]

Oculus Quest 2 Jailbroken – Why It’s a Win for Privacy

As an Oculus Quest VR headset owner, I was shocked to receive an email recently informing that my headset would soon become a brick without connecting it to a FaceBook account. Having made purchases on the Oculus Store, it felt like robbery, since these titles would no longer be accessible and no warning was given […]

Fenrir Firmware Update Adds Save RAM Backup Feature

The Fenrir optical drive emulator for the Sega Saturn just got a very cool feature:  The ability to back up and restore savegame files from the Saturn’s built-in RAM to the Fenrir’s MicroSD card: Ced’s currently working on a way to restore these backups, making it a great way to transfer saves.  Until then, it […]

Weekly Roundup #225

Here’s this week’s roundup!  An audio-only version, is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and for direct-download: Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:  Please consider signing up as a supporter!  Either hit Join, tip or pledge on this video, or sign up through the following services:  /   T-Shirts: All equipment […]

Time Sleuth: Overview and Configuration

The Time Sleuth is a device that can test the latency of a display or HDMI device, down to the microsecond.  Since it’s release, it’s become one of the most important tools I use and I wanted to post a video showing people how it works, as well as how to update it with the latest […]

“Golden Axed” developers talk to Digital Foundry

  Last week Sega released the “Golden Axed” prototype on Steam, available for free addition to your Steam catalogue for only 2 days (and can be kept after that indefinitely). Digital Foundry’s John Linneman live streamed a play through of the title, while he chatted to the developers, Sanatana Mishra and Tim Dawson, about some […]

PS1Digital Firmware Release v1.3.0

A new firmware was just released for the PS1Digital that includes some video timing fixes, as well as an updated “forced” mode for switching between resolutions, when your console is set to 960p/1080p! There are now a total of four “forced” modes;  The two original “force 240p” and “force 480i modes that I demo’d in […]

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