RGB-Pi Plus released

The RGB-Pi team just released a new DYI kit/hat for the Raspberry Pi named the RGB-Pi Plus. Unlike the team’s previous efforts, the RGB-Pi cable and the Jamma RGB-Pi, the RGB-Pi Plus isn’t a simple plug-and-play solution for Raspberry Pi gaming. It actually expands on the older products functionalities by adding wiring support for: 2 […]

Satiator Prototype Update, Box Sample

Professor Abrasive has just made a public post on his Patreon page, updating everyone of the current Satiator status: “The first 100 PCBs are, finally, being populated in a Californian fabrication facility this week. Shells have arrived in the US and the production test system is ready to go; it’s almost there.“ He also addressed […]

Amiga Warp 1260 Review via Dan Wood

Dan Wood from the Retro Hour Podcast just reviewed the Warp 1260 Accelerator Board from CS-Labs.  This is an accelerator card meant for the Amiga 1200 that completely transforms the machine into a substantially more powerful Amiga.  As well as add modern solutions, features, and abilities a stock Amiga 1200 owner could never dream of.  […]

SCART Switch Shootout

Here’s a review of a few SCART switches with some interesting features.  I also wanted to show exactly how I performed these tests, so as new switches are released, anyone with similar equipment can confidently test their own. Here’s links to everything: Gscartsw:  http://www.gretrostuff.com/store/gscartsw/ Bumper Case:  https://laserbear.net/shop/ols/products/gswitch-bumper-cases SCA101:  http://www.axunwork.com/ Otaku Switch:  https://otaku-games.com/misc/rgb/scart-switches Taxon tools:  https://taxon-tools.com/shop/video/scart/scart.html […]

Mnemo Website Update

Just a quick notice:  The creator of the 3DO Optical Drive Emulator has changed website URL’s and the original one is now showing an error.  This lead many people to fear that he was no longer selling or supporting his products, but it just seems like his old domain expired.  Here’s the new one:  http://3do-mnemo.com/ …and […]

Open Source VGA Breakout Board

Jacob Proctor has just uploaded an open source design for an easy breakout board designed to fit in VGA connectors.  It’s possible to solder the RGBHV & Ground wires without this board, but I’ve always found soldering directly to the pins to be a pain. This is an interesting design, as instead of one board […]

FreeDVDBoot: Burn and run PS2 homebrew on an unmodified console

Software Engineer CTurt has successfully exploited the PS2 DVD drive through its DVD-video playback functionality, making it possible for homebrew applications to run on burned discs without the need for any hardware modification(s) or even running Free Mcboot. With FreeDVDBoot as he calls it, CTurt basically reverse-engineered the initial IFO (a file that contains the […]

Mega EverDrive Pro Is Now Available For Purchase

Hardware and rom cart designer Igor Golubovskiy “Kr!Kzz” has just announced that the much anticipated Mega EverDrive Pro is now available for purchase.  This improved “Pro” model SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive cart is due in large part to the necessity of the hardware design and components used.  Some of the microchips used in the making of […]

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