NESessity NES PCB Replacement

Low_budget, creator of the now-discontinued NES clone the Super 8-bit, just revealed his latest project: a complete replacement for the front-loading NES motherboard named the NESessity Designed to fit perfectly inside of an original NES case, the NESessity board’s circuit is closely based on the Super 8-bit layout (Low_budget recently released its full schematics) but the […]

PSIO SIO-X Installation Board

Voultar recently released a custom installation board for the PSIO that simplifies its installation;  The original install had a chip that sits in the center of the motherboard, with wires in all directions and nothing to anchor the chip.  Voultar’s board slides over pins on the motherboard, making it slightly easier to install, as well […]

3D Big Box Collection Archival Project

I just stumbled across, a site that’s dedicating it’s time to posting full, 3D scans of all the PC game boxes they’ve collected.  Just search their site, click on a game and use your browser (mobile or desktop) to zoom and spin the box around. I think this is a really awesome archival project, […]

UNISOUND: Universal PnP Sound Card Enabler

VOGONS User JazeFox has been hard at work with a project called Unisound.  This allows old Plug & Play (PnP) sound cards to easily setup and initialize in DOS based computers without having to go through the hassle of tracking down specific drivers for those devices that may or may not still exist.  Phil’s Computer […]

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