Restoring A Super Nintendo

This weekend, I decided to fully restore a Super Nintendo “1CHIP” console I had and wanted to post what I did, as well as why I did it.  The basic theory of what to do would apply to almost any console, however the origin of RetroRGB started with my love for the Super Nintendo and […]

Lockdown Giveaway Week #8: Triple Bypassed Genesis 3

For this week’s Lockdown Giveaway, I wanted to do something a bit special and give away a console from my personal collection:  A Sega Genesis 3, model VA2 with the latest Sega Triple Bypass (v2) installed! This console has been modded by the lead installer in the 3BP project, Jose Cruz and its the same […]

The Cult Of Remute – Now Available

Stone Age Gamer now has stock of the awesome new album from Remute, titled The Cult Of Remute: As previously reported when it was announced, the all-original album from Remute is made as a real SNES game and the sounds all all played through the SNES’ sound chips.  To be clear, this isn’t a “passthrough” […]

DIY Raspberry Pi Lag Tester

A guide was recently posted that shows people how to build their own lag testing kit, using parts they may already have lying around and a Raspberry Pi Zero. The lag tester works by flashing the Pi’s LED at the exact same time a signal is sent through the Pi’s HDMI port, into your TV.  […]

CRT Color Calibration Series

Dan Mons has just started a series of videos about CRT color calibration.  While there’s other videos and guides available that teach how to calibrate geometry, I don’t know of any others that explain color calibration at this level. The first video in the series goes over the theory behind how your eyes perceive color […]

Adding a Backlight to a Dreamcast VMU

Disclaimer: This mod was tested by the writer of this post. Please try it at your own risk. (or any of its writers) isn’t responsible for any damage you do to your tools or VMU. While this mod is fairly simple in concept, it is one of the fiddliest mods you might come across. […]

Weekly Roundup #203

Here’s this week’s roundup!  An audio-only version, is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and for direct-download: Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:  Please consider signing up as a supporter!  Either hit Join, tip or pledge on this video, or sign up through the following services:  /   T-Shirts: All […]

OG Xbox Storage Upgrade Shootout

Long gone are the days of strolling into a CompUSA or Best Buy and picking up whatever high capacity IDE harddrive was on sale and slapping it into a modded original Xbox. IDE drives are now an all but forgotten relic of years gone by superseded by far more modern storage technologies such as Serial […]

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