Sega 32X to CDX Mount

Sega had documentation showing the 32X as supported on the CDX but never released the necessary mount for the union to happen. This may be a case of the FCC not approving the devices being paired, or just Sega getting cold feet with the 32X not doing as well as expected. We may never know, […]

Analogue DAC Pre-Orders, Mega Sg Cartridge Adapters

Analogue have just re-opened pre-orders on their DAC:  A Digital To Analog Converter that allows for Composite, S-Video, Component Video and RGB output from all compatible Analogue devices (currently the Mega Sg and Super NT).  Depending on your region, the total price including shipping is around $100: They also announced that their Mega Sg […]

Ultimate Joystick Interface V2.0

Recently Neal from the YouTube Channel Retro Man Cave (RMC) invited fellow YouTuber Dr. Andrew Armstrong from Back Office Show, to show off the latest update to his product.  The “Ultimate Joystick Interface” version 2.0 is Dr. Armstrong’s latest iteration of his analogue joystick interface.  This product allows old analogue joysticks and peripherals to have […]

Atari Jaguar: Reverse Polarity Protection Diode Fix

The Atari Jaguar has no protection against reversed polarity power supplies, so if a positive-center PSU is mistakenly connected it will destroy several components in the console rendering it dead*. It is common knowledge that you can add a diode to protect against this, but I searched for proper instructions without luck. ElectronAsh was kind […]

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