Everdrive N8 Pro v2.03 Firmware

Krikzz is continuing to push out updates for both the original N8 and newly released N8 Pro ROM carts for the NES and Famicom.  This current v2.03 update ads three new mappers, while also fixing issues with three existing ones: New mappers: 208, 195, 261 Changed FDS autoswap controller. Fixes for mapper 99, 198, 4 […]

SD Gundam – English Translation Completed

Developer Thunderstruck has just completed the English translation of the  Virtual Boy game SD Gundam.  The game previously had all most of the in-game text translated, but this patch finishes the original work and even includes the end credits. Sometimes people underestimate the importance of game translations.  While they’re not as flashy as full game […]

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